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Is a Comfortable Retirement Closer Than You Think? (eBook)

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If you are like most CPAs, you are worried about maintaining your standard of living into retirement. After a long career building your practice, you may have invested most of the proceeds back into your business. As your career progressed, you likely increased revenue but didn’t save as much for retirement as you had hoped.

Today, you may be unsure of the value you will receive when you eventually sell your firm. Perhaps you’re considering working indefinitely to maintain your family’s standard of living. Most CPAs do not have any succession plan in place and are apprehensive about their exit strategy and their family’s well-being. 

Is There Another Way?

While CPAs are concerned about their future, there are effective strategies to increase their revenue today, as well as increase the sale multiple when they sell their firm in the future. One option is by adding wealth management services to their firm.

  • Average Tax Preparation Fee: $750
  • Average Wealth Management Fee: $5,000

By adding wealth management services to their firm, CPAs have increased revenue by 20% and increased their sale multiple from 1X to between 2 and 2.5X. More importantly, the revenue stream they create by managing their client’s assets continues in retirement, providing income similar to a private pension.

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