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Integrating Wealth Management

“Positioning Your Firm for the Future”
“Helping CPAs Help Their Clients”

Today’s client is clearly indicating that they want CPAs to be much more involved in the process of helping them make informed decisions about their financial future (financial planning, wealth management, insurance strategies, etc.). To better meet the demands and expectations of their clients, CPAs are exploring the need to expand their services beyond tax, accounting, and auditing. The challenge is that most CPAs don’t have the time, expertise, skill set, or desire to successfully integrate wealth management services into their existing practice. 

At Nobile Hinchey Private Wealth Management we help CPAs help their clients through our “CPA2” program. Our model, turnkey system, and step-by-step process aims to help you strengthen your current client relationships as well as develop new ones. Integrating access to wealth management services may empower you to exceed client expectations and position your firm to outpace the competition. Our approach allows you to have access to wealth management services into your practice, without materially disrupting what you do for a living (i.e., taxes, accounting and bookkeeping, auditing, etc.).

Our service extends to the implementation stage as well. We are totally independent of any proprietary product line and have no direct affiliation with captive companies. We feel this difference will provide a high degree of comfort for your clients.

Benefits of Having Access to Wealth Management Services Available to Your Practice:

  • Better meet the demands and expectations of your clients
  • Ability to oversee and monitor
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Competitive pressures/position your firm for the future
  • Ability to better grow and expand your business beyond the traditional offerings
  • Outpace your competition
  • Client retention! Client retention! Client retention! 

Downloadable Resources:

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